What Makes Us Unique

Smart Media Buying


Through years of research and experience, we have become specialists in broadcast, radio and digital advertising. Not only do we obtain the best media values, we also know the most cost-efficient and result-oriented areas to buy. 

Vendor Support


Since 1989, our niche and expertise has been raising incremental vendor support to make our clients’ investments a fraction of the normal cost for broadcast advertising. 

Complete Accountability


Using in-depth research analyses, we provide custom-designed reports that prove the effectiveness of our media campaigns and the return on investment. 

Award-Winning Production

Whether the campaign goal is to increase traffic, generate leads, or create exposure, we design appropriate creative strategies and produce commercials and content to suit each client’s individual needs and objectives. The bottom line is to increase business! 


Mark Hagen | Director of Sales and Marketing, Hartz Homes

Creative Media has made network television extremely affordable for Hartz. By buying media smart and delivering tremendous frequency with many huge prime upgrades, we're able to achieve values far beyond our costs. Everything is handled for us including production and media placement as well as post-campaign analyses to insure our media strategy is working. Considering the minimal investment for the tremendous exposure we receive on network television, our advertising is extremely successful.

Bob Meyn | Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Taylor Morrison Homes

For the cost of the program, the exposure and leads that are  generated from Creative Media’s Blueprint for Success are unbelievable.  The average cost per commercial is substantially less than you could  ever get with a traditional media buy, it’s almost too good to be true!  

Dick Radzis | Former President, ACE Rent A Car, Inc.

We had tried television on our own in the past and were fairly satisfied with the results, but it wasn’t until we decided to go with Creative Media Consultants that we realized the tremendous value we received with CMC. By taking advantage of their buying expertise, our reach and frequency doubled and we attained much greater results.  

Dave Rosenberg | Former Midwest Regional Marketing Director, Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market had a long-term goal to be on network and cable  television in the Chicago market, but did not have the budget to make it  happen until we developed a relationship with Creative Media  Consultants. Because Creative Media was able to secure incremental support from our vendors, we were able to partner with them to gain added exposure and increased sales. Much to my surprise, Creative Media raised over $200,000 in support in less than one year. Additionally, I was extremely pleased with the tremendous media values and upgrades they delivered for Whole Foods Market. The whole process, from securing vendor commitments to production to being on the air, was very easy to  put together. I highly recommend CMC as an agency with whom to do  business.  

Rebecca Morris | Director of Marketing, KB Home Denver

CMC made it very easy for KB Home to be involved in the Blueprint  for Success marketing program. Everything, including production, media placement and vendor acquisition was handled for us. Considering the minimal investment for the tremendous exposure we received on network television, our  participation in this program was extremely successful. 


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